Nathi is currently appearing live around Central Florida in a variety of shows and events. He appears regularly as a Feature Artist  at Disney's Animal Kingdom. 

Schedule and Upcoming Shows

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Wassalou is an Afropop band, with Nathi Gcabashe as its Band leader - Singer-Songwriter and Music Producer.  The Band presents a unique talent to the North American cultural landscape. It's the only band of its kind in Florida, bringing authentic music, dance, colorful and vibrant traditional costumes straight out of Africa. Their repertoire includes Hi-Life, Afro 6/8, Soukous, 1/4/5 Mbhaqanga, Maskandi and Mgqhashiyo Grooves from a wide variety of popular African music similar to that which can be heard on Paul Simon's Graceland album they also play originals mostly written and produced by Gcabashe.

Afropop is a term used to refer to contemporary African pop music. This term doesn't necessarily refer to a specific style or sound, but rather is used as a general reference to popular music originating in Africa.